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You should book a session with Dragon Archaeology because:

You get a real archaeologist

I am a trained archaeologist with degrees from two top UK universities, so you could say my standards are quite high. You can be confident that all the information in your session is accurate and up to date, and will be adjusted as new research is published. My goal is to bring the best of archaeological research into your classroom, and save you from recycling the same lesson plans as your teachers.

It’s hands-on

What I really love about archaeology is the opportunity to get up close and personal with the past. Reading about kings and battles works for some people, but I find it gets a bit dry after a while. I want to get classes doing history, looking at things and asking questions. Archaeology is all about understanding the past through the stuff people used every day, engaging with the past in a really physical sense.

You get a bespoke service

Every class is unique so every session is too. I’ve set out some basic workshop outlines but the details are very much up to you. Want a longer session? Emphasis on the hands-on work? More maths and science content? Fine! And if none of those session outlines are quite what you’re looking for, just let me know. Whether you want a session focussed on a particular aspect of your period (religion, home life, art, food, etc), or a really general overview, I’m here to create something that’s useful for you.





Also, dragons are just too cool to turn down. Deep down you know this is true.

What makes Dragon Archaeology so special?